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The crepe is a dish with a very thin layer of batter cooked in a frying pan. It is usually round in shape. It can be sweet or salty.

A waffle is a soft dough dish baked between two metal plates, decorated with patterns that are imprinted in the dough.

Pancakes are kind of like a thick pancake. They are usually eaten sweet (with honey, chocolate …) for breakfast.


Treat yourself with homemade flavours

Soups with an authentic and succulent taste can warm the heart in winter or summer. Can you already smell the goodness of the soup cooking in the kitchen? More on

The recipe for royal-style hare appeared in the cook Menon’s Les soupers de la cour. Then try one of the gastronomic glories of French cuisine…

An easy, quick but delicious recipe for gourmets. Dare to be different with the roasted rack of venison, poached eggs for your next meal! To find fresh products near you visit The Shops.

Do you want a small meat to be stuffed that easily integrates with dried fruits, sautéed vegetables or compote?

Cocktails DIY

Cocktail recipes to surprise your guests!

Cocktail recipes with or without alcohol to quench your thirst while savouring ever-changing tastes. Each cocktail is unique and brings a touch of its own. Don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures according to your desires and surprise your guests with flavours and colours that are unknown to them.

– Mojito: A fresh cocktail of lime juice, rum, and mint leaves.

– Piña Colada : A cocktail made of rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk.

– Margarita: A cocktail of tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

Hot, cold
and red sauces

Discover our recipes of the main sauces in the kitchen

Recipes and flavours of happiness!

Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness.

Dish or drink, make your own

Treat yourself to the excellent flavours of homemade!


Tribute to Cheese

Cheese is an important ingredient in most recipes. Let’s see together what we can do with the champion of French cuisine! Homemade pizza is more cheesy, more economical, more ecological, more fun and more rewarding. It’s simply better!


Appetizers Recipes

Open up appetites by serving a delicious and tasty starter recipe to your guests before the main course. Get inspired to get the meal off to a good start. We start with appetizers and aperitifs, then we present the starters, then comes the white meat or fish dish, the main course is often red meat and finally before dessert we serve a dish of cheese and salad.