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How do you use a pizza oven?

Traditional wood-burning ovens are generally used as pizza ovens, barbecues or bread ovens. This type of equipment is also used as a smokehouse and to dry various fruits. It is…

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What tools or devices should I use to sharpen my knives?

Whether you are a great chef or simply a lover of the culinary arts, you absolutely need a sharp knife to work on your recipes.  This utensil must be able…

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How to use honey in cooking?

Using honey in cooking Honey is one of the ingredients richest in virtues that allows you to cook good little dishes at any time. From simple to sophisticated, honey-based dishes…

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Choosing a restaurant: the trend is towards healthy, organic and eco-responsible…even in restaurants!

To preserve their health, more and more French people are concerned about what’s on their plates. Since many products are full of chemicals, others are too fatty, the consumption of…

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Organic, Amap, locavores or farmers’ baskets: the best web offers

To obtain quality products, you can call on companies specialising in the delivery of organic, amap, locavore or farm baskets. The delivery can be made at home or at work….

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