What tools or devices should I use to sharpen my knives?

Whether you are a great chef or simply a lover of the culinary arts, you absolutely need a sharp knife to work on your recipes.  This utensil must be able to cut all kinds of ingredients with extreme precision. To do this, you need to sharpen it properly with the right tools.

Using a sharpener for a sharp blade

The sharpener is certainly the most commonly used tool for sharpening any knife. It is all the more affordable than other sharpening devices. You can choose between a ceramic model or a two-stage sharpener. Both are easy to handle and very practical for sharpening your knives. To keep your blades sharp, avoid washing your knives in the dishwasher, as this will simply damage them. Regular rinsing is also not recommended, especially with very sensitive knife models. Sometimes it is better to simply remove steel debris with a soft cloth after sharpening.

The sharpening gun: practical and effective

To sharpen your kitchen knives, or any other type of knife for that matter, you can use a sharpening gun. It can be made of steel, ceramic or even diamond. Steel shotguns are the most common type of steel shotguns used in the kitchen. They are handy to give the blade of your knives back their original sharpness. The ceramic ones guarantee a more precise sharpening. As for the diamond rifles, they promise you a very fine sharpening. Whether steel, diamond or ceramic, the sharpening steel is easy to maintain. Simply immerse it in water to remove steel waste and wipe it clean.

Sharpening a knife with a whetstone

If you count Japanese knives among your kitchen utensils, then you will definitely need a sharpening stone to sharpen them. This type of knife requires a certain amount of care, given its quality. For the classic models, you can always use a sharpening gun. On the other hand, with blunt Japanese knives, you will need to use only the whetstone. The latter is easy to use. Start by immersing the stone in water for about ten minutes. Then place it on a non-slip surface. Slide the blade of your knife over the stone at an angle of 20°. Repeat the same operation on both sides of the blade. Then test your knife on a sheet of paper. If it slices through it without difficulty, then you can wash and dry it. If not, you will have to sharpen it again.
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