Happy Cake – Gluten-free birthday cake delivery in the UK

Happy Cake

Order here : https://happy-cake.co.uk/

Happy Cake is a revolutionary online pastry shop since we finally offer those suffering from severe allergies to gluten, lacotse, eggs or nuts, a healthy alternative to traditional birthday cakes. We even offer sugar-free cakes and pastries suitable for diabetics and those on a low-carb ketogenic diet.

We are one of the only pastry shops in Europe that can guarantee the absence of cross-contamination because we only produce gluten-free and 100% vegan foods.

Among our many models of birthday cake, you will be delighted to find cakes bearing the effigy of your favorite characters such as lol surprise dolls, Frozen drip cakes or even Disney's Lightning McQueen assembled pieces.

Adults are not left out as we have so many adult birthday cake designs available.

Deliveries are made throughout France with our partner DHL in 48 hours. For those who live outside of France, we also have other workshops in Europe that serve Spain, UK Italy, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

If you live in Belgium instead, you can order on the main website biogato.fr and we will deliver to you without any problem.

Regarding weddings, we also ensure the preparation of magnificent mounted pieces.

If you are more of a professional, an event organization company, do not hesitate to contact us to start a partnership.

Regarding our pastries, we offer sugar-free donuts, sugar-free croissants as well as many other delicacies to consume without remorse!

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