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Happy Cake

Happy Cake – Gluten-free birthday cake delivery in the UK

Order here : Happy Cake is a revolutionary online pastry shop since we finally offer those suffering from severe allergies to gluten, lacotse, eggs or nuts, a healthy alternative to…

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Aromatic herbs: how about buying from an online nursery?

A beautiful garden flavored with a thousand colours, isn’t it nice? To make your dream come true, all you have to do is grow flavored plants! No matter what your…

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Vegetable milks: trend or real alternative to replace cow’s milk?

Intolerances, allergies, vegetarian, vegan or vegan diets… cow’s milk is increasingly “ignored” by some consumers and the market is at half mast. It is accused of being very indigestible, of…

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Cannabidiol and food trends: what if you ate CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has made an impressive debut on the world scene in recent years and more in recent months in sectors where it was less expected… In France, CBD-based…

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