Cannabidiol and food trends: what if you ate CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has made an impressive debut on the world scene in recent years and more in recent months in sectors where it was less expected... In France, CBD-based e-liquids were already being sprayed when cannabidiol started to boast its merits on the cosmetics and wellness market. Today, it's making its way into the food and drink industry in force! Infusions, teas, coffees, chocolates, flours, sweets, cocktails and more: will you be tempted by this new CBD-based food trend?

CBD, a new ingredient in our kitchens

Using CBD in recipes or declining cannabidiol-based food products? The idea first came about in California when some chefs began to infuse their cooking with cannabidiol, without any narcotic effects, but to sell a "relaxing" gastronomy. Recently, a start-up company has specialized in the delivery service of healthy home-cooked meals...based on CBD. The company offers gourmet boxes and meal trays with cannabidiol in a sustainable and eco-responsible way. If you too would like to try cooking with CBD, here are a few tips before you start cooking? CBD can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, but beware of its natural bitterness; CBD is a fragile ingredient so watch your cooking temperatures; use very small doses; keep your CBD food in a cool place; stir your dishes as much as possible to incorporate the product.

A delicatessen department at the CBD

Convinced by the beneficial actions of cannabidiol on stress and anxiety, many brands have launched into the trade of CBD-based edible oils and have declined the pleasures in the form of condiments...for a "well-being and vegetal" cuisine touch by touch according to your desires. Oils, vinegars, salts, spices, mustards, vinegars, some ranges offer you CBD as a seasoning: 2/3 drops in morning tea, 1 drop in orange juice, a recipe for a CBD vinaigrette, a small anti-stress marinade. But the products that are most in demand are the most playful, the most regressive ones that revolve around fun, sharing and conviviality: ice cream, cocktails, fruit juices, sweets, lollipops, chewing gum, cocoa, teas... What about legality? Be aware that CBD-based food products must contain a THC level of less than 0.2%. For your information, my marijuana contains 25% THC. Eating a CBD-based candy is therefore safe if you want to stay sober! But depending on how your body integrates the CBD in food conditioning, you can benefit from a relaxing virtue.

Focus on chocolate with CBD: the ultimate delicacy

We love chocolate and manufacturers are well aware of this, so much so that the players in this sector are constantly competing to win us over with new products. And so it wasn't long before chocolate bars with CBD were introduced. Today, and especially on the internet, you will be able to find many bars with several doses of CBD but understand that its effect is diminished when it is absorbed through the digestive tract, specifically because of the gastric course. However, don't be afraid of side effects or undesirable effects because CBD chocolate is very well tolerated by the body. So if you fall in love with a square of CBD chocolate, the effect may take a little time. This is because the CBD will be broken down in the stomach to reach the body's pathways through the stomach lining rather than through the brain. If you want more sensation from CBD it is in the form of oil to be deposited under the tongue that you should turn rather than in the form of food.

Trendy chocolate or real "plus" wellness?

If CBD is no longer recognized for its virtues, especially against depression, anxiety or stress, chocolate with CBD will not be able to help you to relieve these pathologies in the same way as an oil or a food supplement. In fact, in chocolate type products, the CBD content is too low to be really effective. So what is the point of this recent trend? Think of CBD food as a fun market surfing on a new "healthy" wave. Eating chocolate will give you just as much enjoyment with the hope of a little therapeutic bonus as a bonus. Take comfort in the knowledge that whatever happens, thanks to the CBD in your chocolate, you will be able to slightly strengthen your immune system while enjoying yourself. Another added value: the CBD has a taste that does not appeal to all palates and chocolate can reduce this taste for some people who find it unpleasant.
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