How do you use a pizza oven?

Traditional wood-burning ovens are generally used as pizza ovens, barbecues or bread ovens. This type of equipment is also used as a smokehouse and to dry various fruits. It is a powerful cooking tool that people often don't use enough. However, with the right techniques, preparing food over a wood fire is a real pleasure. Discover all the methods to learn how to cook well using a traditional wood-fired oven. At the same time, find out about the various cooking methods and how to determine the ideal cooking temperature for delicious dishes. You can find one close to you on

How to master high heat cooking?

The high heat cooking method allows food to be cooked at a very high temperature, around 350°C. It is used for short cooking times and is good for foods that must be seized. However, the oven must be open to allow the smoke to escape and also control the cooking at all times. This technique can be used to cook pizza, seared meat or fish. When the wood-fired oven is turned on, it is best to wait a few minutes to heat it up until the temperature reaches 350 to 400°C. To keep this heat, it is important to add logs of wood. Then, the fire should be spread around the oven and at the bottom so that the flames and heat are proportional to the area where you will place the dish. Once this is done, you will delicately place your preparation on the part closest to the embers.

How to optimize slow baking?

Slow cooking in an Italian pizza oven does not require a high heat. The heat used will be that which has accumulated in the oven. It is a descending heat cooking or slow baking undertaken exclusively in a closed oven. This cooking method is perfect for simmering dishes, baking breads or buns, baking pastries such as pies or cakes, roasting meat or simply baking meat. The choice is unlimited, especially for dishes and desserts. Once the oven is heated or after baking through an open door, the remaining embers and ashes must be removed to exploit the entire surface of the equipment. To do this, it is essential to use containers that have the ability to withstand the heat of the embers, if any remain.

How to measure the oven temperature?

To ensure that your wood-fired pizza is neither overcooked nor undercooked, the use of a thermometer is required. This tool provides the exact oven temperature. As you use your equipment, you will be able to tell the correct baking technique. There are also other rudimentary methods of knowing the temperature inside pizza ovens. The best known technique is to put a little flour on the hearth. When the flour turns brown and then turns black without burning, this means that the temperature is around 250°C. This is ideal for baking bread. In addition, thermometers for wood-fired ovens are available on the market. They are capable of measuring a temperature of up to 500°C or more. Laser sighting thermometers are also available, but care must be taken, as their accuracy still requires a few adjustments to avoid incorrect temperatures and the entire baking process suffers the consequences.
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