Indian cuisine, the best recipes

Discover the land of spices during a meal by cooking Indian recipes at home. You will have the choice between several recipes such as naan with cheese, Indian curry, korma, lamb tikka massala or the famous tandoori chicken. You don't need to be a good cook to prepare these few Indian specialties. It is within everyone's reach.

Indian vegetarian cuisine

The recipes in this category are particularly tasty and fragrant. For example, you can try the Indian lentil Dhal or the crispy samoussas filled with vegetables and Madras curry. Your taste buds will be titillated and make you want to go on a trip. In addition to these few recipes, you can also prepare stir-fried rice with spices. To do so, all you have to do is sauté two bay leaves, two cinnamon sticks, four cardamom seeds, four cloves and six black pepper seeds in a base of oil. Then add a chopped onion and cook the slices until brown. When done, add two cups of basmati rice and stir until shiny. Finally, boil everything in twice its volume in salted water.

Indian potato recipes

The potato is very popular in India. Of course, it is not prepared in the same way in this part of the world. The recipes are many and varied. For example, let's take the potato curry that you can enjoy on special occasions. The preparation is very simple since you only need to dice half a kilo of potatoes and chop two onions very finely. You will need to add ginger, green pepper and three tomatoes. You will then fry everything in a little oil and a small cup of water. Leave the mixture to cook over a low heat and add half a teaspoon of crushed black pepper.

Chapati, the most famous recipe in India

Chapati is probably the most famous recipe in the country. This dish will make you travel without moving from home. To prepare it, you need wholemeal flour, salt and lukewarm water. The dough that is obtained will be kneaded for about ten minutes and then it will have to be left to rest for three hours by covering it with a damp cloth. You must then make small patties from the dough, which you will sprinkle with a little flour and heat in a pan over medium heat. Each side of the dough should bake for 30 to 40 seconds until it takes on colour. Then the chapati should be puffed up by pressing it onto the pan or by passing it over the flame. The chapati is served hot with a little butter.
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