Recipes based on white rum

Rum offers many benefits if consumed occasionally. Rum can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and on a variety of occasions. Do you have a particular fondness for it and would like to know all the recipes you can concoct using this ingredient? Discover in this article the many ideas you can make.

Recipes for alcoholic beverages based on white rum

Being an alcohol very present in exotic drinks, white rum is most often used to prepare good cocktails, with diversified tastes. Mojito is one of these. Cocktail born from the Cuban cuisine, this one is prepared on the basis of agricultural white rum. It also consists of a few drops of lime, lemonade and a dozen mint leaves. Available in the majority of French bars, it is quite possible to make a few glasses at home. You will surely find cheap white rum on . White rum is also used to make punch. The choice of flavour depends entirely on your preferences. Guava, pineapple or orange juice, wide is the choice. The same goes for the decorations. You can even use a mixture of fruits at the same time. To drink the cocktail, however, it is necessary to leave the preparation at rest for 24 hours. The taste will only be better. Pina colada is also possible. Made from white rum and pineapple juice, this cocktail also requires 4 cl of coconut cream for a single drink.

Dessert recipes based on white rum

Many chefs in the best restaurants offer desserts based on white rum, or which contain at least a few drops of it. The possibilities are numerous and promise a more than exquisite delight, especially for those who appreciate the taste of this alcohol. Exotic panna cotta is one of the recipes you can concoct. Promising sweet and invigorating flavours, this drink offers a caramelized fruit taste with creamy textures. Would you prefer to try some mousse? You can prepare one, with the flavour that suits you, by pouring a tablespoon of white rum into it. Don't hesitate to add a few eggs to perfect the taste. Furthermore, if you are a pastry chef or if you want to make a delicious chocolate log, adding white rum to the recipe will give you a finer taste. To get a good deal, you can find cheap white rum on specialized online sites.

Recipes for main dishes based on white rum

White rum can also be used to prepare main dishes. Creole-style chicken is one of the possibilities. You will need coconut oil and coconut milk for this. Add coconut, white rum, onion and of course chicken. For cooking, it depends entirely on your preferences. You can either sautĂ© it, put it in the oven or make a sauce out of it. Wide is the choice. You can also add or remove ingredients you like. The idea is to prepare a meal that you like. Do you prefer pasta to rice? You can also use white rum to flavour your spaghetti. You can also soak and flambĂ© a few potatoes in white rum if you want to enjoy a light and succulent meal. However, be careful not to pour more than 2 tablespoons of it, otherwise the taste will be bitter.  
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