Coffee Recipe Ideas

Coffee is making its revolution, previously confined to tiramisù and at the end of the meal, coffee is now a key ingredient in the new French gastronomy. Indeed, great chefs have reappropriated this Aztec ingredient to reinvent it in new delicious recipes that are real successes in their restaurants. Now it's up to you to make your coffee maker the new asset of your kitchen!

To sublimate a meat

The coffee goes perfectly with meat juices and stewed meat dishes. Spice up a beef cheek in sauce with two full-bodied espressos, or try it in your traditional Burgundian! It works and it's amazing! Even more original, make a delicious coffee marinade for a tender and fragrant steak: the day before, immerse your pieces of meat in the following mixture: 100mL of filter coffee, a teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of brown sugar, 20mL of olive oil, 10mL of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and finally two well-crushed cloves of garlic. To take advantage of all the aromas of coffee, especially in sauces, still favour the use of a coffee bean machine that preserves the seed and gives a richer, more subtle coffee.

To spice up a salad

Strong coffee, obtained with an automatic espresso machine, can be used as a condiment in the same way as balsamic vinegar or a fragrant oil. Strong in taste, it will bring pep and power to a salad dressing. In order not to fall into bitterness, don't hesitate to marry coffee in a sauce with delicious sweet and savoury accents: honey of all kinds and maple syrup work wonders! Oil, a few dashes of seasoning and your raw vegetables will be changed! Try it in a baby sprout salad with avocado and smoked salmon, a treat!

The must-have dessert

Even if coffee is now a part of every meal, it is still possible to reinvent it with simple desserts! Refresh the end of your lunch with a nice coffee shake: in a blender, mix a coffee with ice cubes, a dash of milk and sugar, add whipped cream for the gourmets and that's it! You can also easily flavour cheesecake, other crème brûlées or homemade flans by adding an espresso in your machine, or by simply letting ground coffee brew in the milk useful for your recipe! Once again, the coffee bean machine will be a precious tool because it will allow you to obtain a freshly ground coffee full of aromas! So let's go, get started and find your own way to accommodate this characterful ingredient!  
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