Easy recipe ideas

Have you just invited friends, colleagues or relatives to dinner when you don't know much about cooking? Don't panic, there are simple dishes that will amaze your guests' taste buds. To obtain a result that meets your needs, it is recommended to respect the quantity of ingredients mentioned in each recipe.

What do you want to prepare?

You don't need to be a chef to make succulent and gastronomic dishes. Just follow the recipe to the letter. Before choosing the recipe itself, it is advisable to focus on the foods you will be using. Do you plan to use meat, vegetables, fish? Your choice should correspond to the expectations of your guests. So you can ask them which foods they like and which they don't. For example, if most of them are allergic to seafood, you will not prepare crabs and shrimps. If this is the case, your dinner will not be a success. Also, if some people are Muslim, don't forget to cook chicken or beef for them (they don't eat pork). If you don't want to ask their opinion and surprise them, it is recommended to cook several kinds of dishes. That way, they will have plenty to choose from.

Easy recipes

Thanks to it, the new year starts with greedy and regressive notes, it is the unavoidable galette des rois!

Some innovative aperitif ideas!

Before sitting down to dinner, it is customary to propose some appetizers to your guests. Usually you serve chips, peanuts, raisins and olives. For a change, vary the ready-made dishes. Try making guacamole with coriander, it's a feast for the eyes and for the tongue! Let your imagination run wild, skewer pieces of Parma and melon. Your guests will be surprised. The tomato and olive terrine is also an excellent idea. The same goes for the toasts with fresh figs and chips. The choice is yours. Don't forget to play with shapes and colours.

Pasta has become a staple food!

In addition to being easy to prepare, they can be cooked with any side dish. Spaghetti carbonara is smooth and easy to prepare. You will need ham and/or mortadella. Slice them into small pieces. Then boil some water and pour in the pasta. Drain it and put it on the guests' place settings. Pour a white sauce over each plate and cover with mortadella and ham.
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