Organic recipe: recipe ideas for organic cooking

What do you need to gather in your cupboard so that you can always concoct recipes based on organic products and thus create a cuisine that is both healthy and delicious? Here is a list of products you should always have at home and some recipe ideas to tickle your taste buds.

Products to have at home

Those who want to eat organic should have vegetable drinks at home, such as the plain rice drink, which can be used in both sweet and savoury. This product can be used to make sauces, gratins, pancakes or quiches. Rice almond drink is very tasty whether it is served hot or cold. Then don't forget the cereals. Pre-cooked crushed spelt will allow you to discover the sweet flavour of old wheat in a more practical form. Spelt can be eaten in salads or as a side dish. In addition, shelled millet is served hot to accompany dishes with sauces or to prepare croquettes, puddings or sweet soufflés. In salads, it can be mixed with vegetables. Then, quinoa is the flagship ingredient of organic cooking, it is a light and nutritious garnish and can be enjoyed in salads.

The choice of rice

The choice is vast, you will be able to opt for long basmati or Thai rice according to your tastes. If you don't eat it often, you can opt for semi-complete rice, so your family will gradually get used to the taste of wholegrain cereals. The rice can be cooked with steam, pilaf, saffron or niçoise. Some people even cook it as a dessert in an agar-agar flan. Then the shelled buckwheat will enrich the taste of your soups and can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to winter vegetables. To cook quickly and well you can also opt for polenta which is a whole corn semolina. Polenta makes it possible to make a side dish in less than 5 minutes. In winter you can add a spoonful of hazelnut purée and in summer a tomato coulis and olive oil.

Recipe ideas

There are countless organic recipes on the internet where you can easily find what you need. For example, you can make a good pumpkin soup with soy milk and curry, tofu lasagne or fried noodles with soy and shrimp. For the more gourmet, you can make chicken with sesame tahini or various other organic chicken-based recipes.
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